A Crucial Facebook Tip You Should Know

See Facebook updates from specific friends

Recently a friend came to me with an issue with her Facebook updates. Basically since she was using Facebook for both personal & business purposes, she had over 2000 friends; more than half of which were business contacts.

She’d even smartly set up ‘Friends lists’, letting her share her personal updates only with her actual friends that belonged to a specific list.

The only problem now was that when logged in, she saw thousands of updates from all her Facebook friends; both the actual friends that she cared to see each and every update from and, the business contacts. What she wanted was to stay friends with people from both lists but see updates only from real friends. So essentially she needed a filter feature for the updates so that updates from some lists will be hidden and others will show.

Here’s a little-known Facebook feature that I showed her to resolve this problem.

First thing you need is to set up ‘Friends lists’. You can find out how to do that here: “How to Create Friends Lists on Facebook

Then when you log in and see your ‘Home’ page with the updates stream; check the left side column. You’ll see all your friends lists or some lists along with a ‘More’ link just under the section heading named ‘Friends’.

You can click on ANY one of your lists, to see a filtered updates stream showing updates only from people belonging to that particular list!

How handy is that?

For all of you using Facebook for business as well, I hope this little tip helps!

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